Since 1988, as a past and present client, Jackson-Shaw Company has contracted with Resource Commercial. From office/warehouse to advanced research and development facilities of some of the area’s foremost leading-edge technology based companies,  Resource Commercial has been instrumental in the success of many of our projects. Like all companies, their future is predicated on maintaining the confidence of their customers. Without exception, Resource Commercial has met or exceeded our every expectation.


Jackson-Shaw Company

Christopher Gardner, Project Manager


"Resource understands that what we build is a place where we make a difference in the lives of senior adults. From permitting to working with the lender, it is better than any experience I have had, not to mention no surprises and within budget and on time. Getting these number of  buildings approved by the different state agencies with deficiency free surveys has not been done in the state of Texas before. The call back process and the attention to detail with a humble customer service approach are unparalleled. I highly recommend them for any senior housing project." 

Signature Senior Living

Steven Vick, CEO


" Resource Commercial has proven over the years to be very professional and competitive. As a result, I feel comfortable referring clients directly to Resource Commercial for any project ranging from a small remodel to a ground up development. "

Younger Partners

Todd Jones