Delivery Methods

Resource Commercial Construction is dedicated to being partners with its clients and fulfilling their vision. Each delivery method and construction service provided to our clients is an open book with constant communication from concept to completion of the project. The project team works hand-and-hand with the design team and subcontractors to deliver a successful project. 


In this traditional delivery, generally a fixed construction amount is set to cover the entire cost of the project based upon the Architect’s construction documents. This may be procured in the form of a hard bid, best value bid or negotiated contract. Development of the specifications and drawings is overseen by the Architect generally without input from the contractor during the design phase.


•   One of the most familiar delivery methods.

•   Fixed construction cost will be created for the documents that were produced.

•   The Owner has less involvement after bid approval.

•   The Owner generally accepts the lowest, most responsive bid.

•   No ability for shared savings.

•   May or may not allow for preconstruction/constructability input during design.


Under this delivery method the owner selects an architect and a CMAR at the same time or early in the design process. This is an integrated approach where the owner holds a sperate contract with the Architect and CMAR. This method allows for preconstruction/constructability input from the CMAR throughout the design phase that generally culminates with competitive bidding to subcontractors and  

the execution of a Guaranteed Maximum Price contract.


•   CM brings their knowledge to the Architect early in the design and pre-construction phase.

•   This allows for proactive constructability reviews and value engineering during the design 

     phase which  mitigates costly re-design time.

•   Opportunity for shared savings.

•   CM and Architect are selected based on qualifications.

•   All subcontracting work is competitively bid with Owner input.

•   Allows for fast tracking.

•   CM firm holds all subcontracts


The Design-Build delivery method truly integrates the Architect, Engineers and Construction Management firm to provide a single source of responsibility to the owner with one contract. This delivery method is designed to streamline the entire design and construction process while creating a one team one dream atmosphere and eliminates redesign and change orders. This design-build team can be procured in the form of a design-build competition or a qualifications-based selection.


•   Single point of contact for entire design and construction process.

•   Economical delivery of design and construction services.

•   Design is constantly monitored by preconstruction to ensure budget/schedule security

•   Opportunity for shared savings.

•   Opportunity for fast tracking design and construction.

•   Design is complete at the GMP – no change orders


Integrated project delivery increases value to the Owner by maximizing efficiency throughout design, pre-construction and construction process. Key participants, including the CM, Architect and Major Subcontractors (typically MEPFP & Structural), are involved early in the design process to give input on project design, scheduling and budget. The project is jointly managed by the project team, resulting in any shared risk or rewards by the team members.


•   High levels of coordination and transparency amongst team members.

•   Early involvement of key participants leads to fewer design revisions and lower costs to the Owner.

•   Ability to fast track.

•   Opportunity for cost savings and shared risk.

•   Highly efficient method.